ANY QUESTIONS? Find Your Answers Here!

    • We cannot find our linens where should we look?

      Outside there should be black bins with red handles.

    • Are we responsible for washing our linens before we leave?

      No. All linens used or unused go to a professional laundry company for cleaning and packaging.

    • What do we do with the dirty linens when we check out?

      All are to be placed outside in the black bins. The black bins are to be left where
      you found them when you arrived. Please make sure that you do not include items that belong to the
      house, for example: comforters, blankets, pillows, mattress pads/covers.

    • We have arrived at our rental home and our items are not here what do we do?

      Relax, we strive to have all advanced orders delivered by 6:30 on your day of check in, if your items are
      not there by 5:00 please feel free to call our office and check on the status.

    • If it keeps raining and we cannot use our rented items may we have a refund?

      No unfortunately we do not issue any refunds due to weather.

    • We have rented a gas grill and ran out of propane. Do we have to pay for a full tank?

      No. Please call our office and we will bring out another full tank. If you call after hours we will deliver it the next day.

    • If I have rented a few things and find I am not using them may I have a refund?

      No refunds for unused items.

    • Do you have to have 2 people to use a double kayak?

      No. However it may be a bit difficult if you only have 1 person. We recommend that you might want to try our single person Ocean Kayak

    • The kayaks are made for the ocean can we use them in the bay or sound?

      Yes, they can be used in the ocean, bay, and the sound.

    • Do bikes come with locks?


    • Do all bikes come with helmets?

      Children’s bikes come with helmets. One child helmet will be provided with the adult bikes with baby seats.
      Helmets are available for rent at an additional cost.
      Click here to order helmets.

  • Can we leave our chairs and umbrellas on the beach over night?

    No. Equipment is to NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED on the beach overnight. Certain areas of the Outer Banks will
    dispose of unattended items left on the beach after sunset. Other areas will flag equipment as a reminder to
    owners to remove personal articles.

    Moneysworth takes pride in our beautiful beaches. We ask that guest do the same. Leave the beach the way you
    found it, if not better. Throw away all trash. Be especially mindful of plastics. Cover all holes dug in the
    sand. Please be considerate of others as trash, plastic, and holes can be treacherous for our Ocean Rescue
    Vehicles and beachcombers, and our wildlife.

    Moneysworth is NOT responsible for rental items you left on the beach.